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A new report has found that proposed textbooks for Texas students are inaccurate, biased and politicized .. (story here)

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This will be my only response to the flurrying bits and pieces in my ask box from “anons.” There were 13 altogether referring to a post where I joked that Nicki Minaj lies because she said “Everything you hear me spit is all Nicki Minaj.” And I joked because “Anaconda” which uses sampling is NOT all her. While it was meant as a joke (not one of my funniest, but I was loopy at 2am and… well… you know, it happens), this person has decided to harass me about my knowledge of rap… which is limited because I’m not a huge fan. While I’m not a huge fan, I do know what sampling is, I just don’t enjoy it because I feel like unless it’s used in an incredibly creative and interesting way, it’s just using bits from someone else’s music and saying “Look how wonderful I am, even though all I did was make a collage of stuff that doesn’t belong to me.”

I’m not saying that ALL examples of tracks that use sampling do this. I’m just saying, that’s how I feel about “Anaconda.”

Now that THAT is explained, I’m not an idiot and I don’t expect the harassment to stop, but this is my only response. 

If you want complete anonymity, don’t fuck up and forget to tick the box. I’m extremely unpopular. No one else sends me message. So either all 13 are from one person. Or all 13 came from one person and some friends/coerced followers.



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Its never too early to jingle your bells

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Can you guess the answer? Oh, and you don’t have money to buy vowels.

bacon pancakes bacon


Can you guess the answer? Oh, and you don’t have money to buy vowels.

bacon pancakes bacon

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